Is a healthy Halloween possible?

My mom

My mom

I really like to eat, so any special occasion is just another excuse for me to enjoy and eat all kinds of food. Halloween traditions are  really fun, and it’s really important you do something with your family! So if you’re like me who love to eat, but really don’t care for the popular sugary Halloween sweets, here’s  a link with some good ideas on how  to celebrate and  enjoy Halloween.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!


I found this interesting article from Suzy Orman

Being in the Orlando Real Estate Market for over 13 years, I was able to witness first hand the real estate bubble burst in 2006, when I saw  many professional colleagues and other people that got caught in the “investment fever”, trying to make a quick and easy profit.  I can honestly say that was able to minimize any  financial stress due to a simple way of thinking: “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is”. But this is no excuse for personal and financial growth.

On this link Suze Orman offers great advice, that in my opinion, is a good example that small steps can be all we need in order to get out of our comfort zone and plan for a better life:

The perks of living in the beautiful Sunhine State


After living in Florida for so many years, it is easy to forget why so many people all over the world make this their top vacation destination.   Florida is a truly beautiful place, with something for everyone.  Theme Parks, shopping, dining, beaches and lakes, lots of lakes, are just a few of the state’s charming attributes.

Our long Summer time weather allows us to enjoy the outdoors long after many in the rest of the U.S. are preparing for snow season. Just look at this beautiful sunset in the picture on top of the page!

If you visit Florida frequently and have considered making it your home away from home, feel free to visit my website for the latest options in real estate. I will be glad to walk you through every step of the way.